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Prior to joining the faculty at the TCU Neeley School of Business, Dr. Chicotsky served on the business faculty at Johns Hopkins University and subsequently as a Clinical Assistant Professor of Integrated Marketing at New York University. Dr. Chicotsky is a Fort Worth native and has immense pride for his hometown university, TCU.


Dr. Chicotsky’s career began in United States Congressional lobbying for military aid appropriations for allies abroad at a “top 3” firm, which provided professional inroads in the Middle East enabling his subsequent appointment in the private sector. Dr. Chicotsky’s entry into private equity was in Tel Aviv, Israel through an externship with New York University as a graduate student, which involved capital fundraising for a portfolio of technology startups from investor communities in Europe and Asia. 


This deal-flow led Dr. Chicotsky into Chief Marketing Officer roles in early-stage, and later, venture-backed endeavors, which began a decade of company building, capital fundraising, and more recently, angel investing and marketing advisorships. Portfolio work has extended to real estate development and advising on web3 marketplace developments.

Dr. Chicotsky earned his Doctorate in Communication and Information Sciences from The University of Alabama, Master’s in Management from New York University, and Bachelor of Arts from The University of Texas at Austin. Outside of consulting and deal-flow, Dr. Chicotsky leads a service endeavor for academia with a data engine offering an automated extraction and aggregation system that indexes disparate university policies into an organized and searchable archive.


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